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Our Shelbyville rug cleaning services cater specifically to the unique needs of your rugs, ensuring they remain bright and resilient. We embrace a hand-washing technique perfectly suited for woolen rugs, utilizing a mild shampoo that not only cleanses but also maintains the wool’s vital lanolin, crucial for fiber strength and longevity. Before initiating any cleaning, we conduct an exhaustive color fastness test to protect against color fading or bleeding. Acknowledging the challenge in completely removing pet stains, our approach is designed to significantly lessen their visibility. We recommend a biennial cleaning schedule to effectively rid your rugs of entrenched dust and debris, keeping them in optimal condition.

Unlike other methods, we do not employ steam cleaning or harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we use a mild shampoo that is specifically designed to be safe for wool and to preserve the lanolin, the natural oil coating that enhances wool’s durability.

We also prioritize the preservation of your rug’s vibrant colors. Before any cleaning process, we perform a thorough color fastness test to ensure that no dyes will bleed or fade during the Rug Cleaning in Louisville process.