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At Anabel’s Oriental Rugs, we are your trusted experts for professional Rug Cleaning in Louisville. We take pride in our meticulous and gentle approach to rug care. Our dedicated team of Louisville rug cleaning specialists specializes in the hand-washing of rugs, ensuring your precious pieces are handled with the utmost care.

Unlike other methods, we do not employ steam cleaning or harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we use a mild shampoo that is specifically designed to be safe for wool and to preserve the lanolin, the natural oil coating that enhances wool’s durability.

We also prioritize the preservation of your rug’s vibrant colors. Before any cleaning process, we perform a thorough color fastness test to ensure that no dyes will bleed or fade during the Rug Cleaning in Louisville process.

While we cannot guarantee the complete removal of pet stains, our team takes comprehensive measures to treat and minimize their impact. Additionally, for rugs subjected to regular use, we recommend a cleaning schedule of once every two years. This helps remove deeply embedded dust and dirt, extending the life and beauty of your rugs.

Rest assured, our approach is not only effective but also efficient. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting in the Louisville Rug Cleaning process, allowing you to sit back and relax, knowing your rugs are in trustworthy hands.

The color fastness is also tested prior to cleaning to ensure that no dyes will run. While we cannot guarantee the removal of pet stains, we do thoroughly treat the affected areas. With general wear we recommend your rug be cleaned every two years to remove packed in dust and dirt.

We promise this is the most efficient way for your rugs to be cleaned. You can trust us!