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At Sellersburg’s, our experienced team excels in the art of hand-washing rugs, making us a trusted choice for rug cleaning in Sellersburg. We consciously avoid steam cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we utilize a gentle shampoo that not only cleans but also protects wool and its essential lanolin, ensuring your rug’s durability is enhanced.

Prior to any rug cleaning in Sellersburg, we perform a meticulous color fastness test to guarantee that your rug’s dyes will not run. While we cannot promise the complete elimination of pet stains, our team puts forth a dedicated effort to treat and mitigate these areas effectively. To maintain the optimal condition and appearance of your rugs, we recommend a professional cleaning every two years. This routine helps to remove the accumulated dust and dirt, providing you with the most efficient and reliable cleaning solution. Trust in our expertise for all your rug cleaning needs in Sellersburg.