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At Anabel’s Rug Cleaning Services in Pewee Valley, we ensure your rugs are carefully handled by our team of skilled professionals. We favor a delicate hand-washing process over steam cleaning, avoiding any harsh chemicals that might compromise the natural wool fibers and essential lanolin oil, which contributes to the rug’s durability and sheen. Each rug undergoes a color fastness check to ensure stability of dyes during cleaning. Although we cannot promise the complete removal of pet stains, we apply focused treatment to such spots. To maintain your rug’s appearance and remove embedded dust and dirt, we suggest a professional cleaning every two years.

Unlike other methods, we do not employ steam cleaning or harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we use a mild shampoo that is specifically designed to be safe for wool and to preserve the lanolin, the natural oil coating that enhances wool’s durability.

We also prioritize the preservation of your rug’s vibrant colors. Before any cleaning process, we perform a thorough color fastness test to ensure that no dyes will bleed or fade during the Rug Cleaning in Louisville process.