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At Anabel’s, our team is proficient in the delicate process of hand-washing rugs, setting the standard for rug cleaning in New Albany. We steer clear of steam cleaning and harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we select a gentle shampoo that not only cleanses but also preserves wool’s protective lanolin, thus enhancing the rug’s longevity.

Unlike other methods, we do not employ steam cleaning or harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the natural wool fibers of your rugs. Instead, we use a mild shampoo that is specifically designed to be safe for wool and to preserve the lanolin, the natural oil coating that enhances wool’s durability.

We also prioritize the preservation of your rug’s vibrant colors. Before any cleaning process, we perform a thorough color fastness test to ensure that no dyes will bleed or fade during the Rug Cleaning in Louisville process.