Charlestown's Premier Oriental Rug Cleaner

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We’ll do all the heavy lifting - You won’t lift a finger.

At our establishment, we stand as your premier choice for expert rug cleaning in Charlestown. Our approach to rug maintenance is both thorough and gentle, with a team skilled in the art of hand-washing rugs, guaranteeing the careful treatment of your valued items.

We steer clear of steam cleaning and aggressive chemicals that risk damaging your rugs’ wool fibers. Our chosen cleaning agents are mild, wool-friendly, and formulated to maintain the protective lanolin, essential for wool’s long-term resilience.

The brightness and hue of your rug are paramount to us. We conduct a detailed color fastness test before cleaning to prevent any color run or fade, ensuring the aesthetic integrity of your rug throughout the cleaning process.

Although eradicating pet stains completely may not be possible, we are committed to significantly reducing their presence. We also advise a biennial cleaning routine for frequently used rugs to eliminate ingrained grime and dust, thereby enhancing the rug’s appearance and lifespan.

Our efficient and effective cleaning method means you won’t have to worry about a thing during the rug cleaning process in Charlestown. Your rugs are safe with us.