What size rug is best for my room?

You want your rug to be proportionate to the size of your room and your furniture. Placing the furniture on top of the rug or at least tucking the front legs of your sofa/chairs under the rug is recommended.

How large should the rug be underneath my dining table?

The rule of thumb is to take your table measurements and add 4 feet to the length and width and that is what size your rug should be. You need 2 feet to pull your chairs in and out from the table, so they remain on the rug. No one wants to sit half on, half off the rug. So, if your table is 4’x6’ your rug should be 8’x10’.

How do I mix patterns so they don’t compete with one another?

There is nothing wrong with mixing patterns in a room, in fact it’s encouraged! Just remember to pick patterns with different scales. If you have a fine print on your curtains or sofa/chairs, then choose a rug with a larger scale pattern so it won’t look too busy and distracting.

Should I put a pad underneath my rug?

Yes, a proper pad is always recommended! And we can supply one for you, cut to the correct size for your rug. It will not only protect your floors, but your rug as well! Pads prevent your rug from sliding and wrinkling and hold them in place while vacuuming or moving any furniture on top of the rug.

How do I clean my rug?

Any liquid spills simply blot up as much as possible. If it doesn’t completely come out, you may use a gentle soap (do NOT use any carpet cleaning products-it will bleach the area out). The harsh chemicals are too strong. When in doubt, CALL US! We can professionally clean it for you. Do NOT steam clean or use machinery to clean your rugs either. When vacuuming, turn the beater bar off and set on high setting (hard-wood floor setting). Too much suction can harm your rug over time.

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